Where To Buy Rectangular Trampolines

Due to its size and bounce power, rectanle trampolines are more expensive than round models so if you don’t have a healthy budget for it, I suggest you to wait for a clearance so you could buy a rectangle trampoline for a lower price. A good place to fish for some clearance are big web shops like Amazon or Wayfair. via

How much does a rectangular trampoline cost?

A rectangular trampoline is a bit more expensive compared to the typical round trampolines. Most rectangular trampoline tends to cost between $600 and $1200, for those primarily used for recreation. The higher-end models are the most expensive and commonly cost more than $1,500. via

Why are rectangular trampolines more expensive?

Rectangle trampolines are simply more expensive due to their shape and need for added support. Round trampolines are naturally stronger due to the circular frame and relatively easier for manufacturers to build which in turn lowers the price to consumers. via

Are rectangle trampolines better?

When it comes to shape, rectangular trampolines are going to offer a higher bounce than a round trampoline. A rectangle shape allows all jumps to rebound equally. As a result, the springs of a rectangular trampoline experience less stress. On the other hand, a round trampoline works differently. via

What is a good size rectangular trampoline?

8x12 foot: This size has good bounce for kids up to around 13 years of age, great for any budding gymnast to practise their routines at home. A 12ft rectangle trampoline also usually provides a better bounce compared to a 12ft round trampoline. via

What are the bounciest trampolines?

The Thunder Pro is the most advanced trampoline in the world. Our Vuly Thunder range: the trampoline with the best rebound of any backyard trampoline! The Thunder combines affordable springless bouncing with a jump mat that connects to the safety net to form one seamless piece. via

Why are trampolines so expensive?

Expensive trampolines come with extra safety measures, whereas cheap trampolines hardly give importance to safety. Expensive trampolines are often equipped with high-quality materials and wider edges that overlap the springs and the iron frame so that the feet do not get stuck in between. via

Is a square or rectangle trampoline better?


The primary shape of professional trampolines is rectangle. They are also getting more and more popular with residential users due to the better safety when being used by multiple jumpers. Its four-sided design gives it a better bounce than the square and round types. via

Why are some trampolines more expensive?

The more expensive trampolines tend to have a more sturdy build and are crafted from higher quality and stronger materials. Cheaper ones tend to use shorter springs, this will cause the jumpers to experience a harsher bounce and that may lead to injuries. via

What shape of trampoline is best?

Square or round trampolines are best for single users, while an oval trampoline is ideal if more than one person will be using the trampoline. Remember, a square or oval trampoline will provide a greater overall bouncing surface. Finally, for those on a budget, a round trampoline is well worth considering. via

What shape trampoline is the safest?

Round trampolines are the cheapest to make and are also considered the safest, since they pull you towards the middle when you jump. Maybe they aren't as fun since the bounce is less high and not as responsive. Space is also not optimally used since most back yards are square shaped. via

Is it safe to put a trampoline in the ground?

If you are placing your trampoline in-ground there is still the danger of falling. Safety nets, if installed correctly, will help prevent a ground impact from a fall and will stop intentional jumping off the trampoline– often leading to injuries. An enclosure ensures that a child enters and exits the trampoline safely. via

What is better than a trampoline?

Bean bag chairs. As far as trampoline alternatives go, you can't get much closer to an authentic experience then you can with a bean bag chair. Bean bag chairs are bouncy, fun, and much more easily used than other options. Even better, bean bag chairs can also be used for leisure times as well as play time. via

How much does it cost to put in an inground trampoline?

In-ground Trampoline Installation Cost

You may think now how much does it cost to install an in-ground trampoline. Generally, a standard size in-ground trampoline installation costs vary from $300 to $1000. via

How do you know what size trampoline to get?

The size of a round trampoline is measured by the diameter of the metal frame (not the jumping surface). To find the diameter of your round trampoline, start at the outer metal edge of the trampoline. Take the average of the 2 measurements, and that should be your approximate trampoline size. via

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