When To Transplant Chives

How to Transplant Chives

  • Find chives to transplant. Chives are some of the best herbs to grow, as they are versatile in the garden and in the kitchen.
  • Prepare your tools.
  • Dig up a chive clump.
  • Divide the clump.
  • Prepare your transplanting site.
  • Plant the chive clump.
  • Harvest and Enjoy.
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    How do you transplant chives? (video)

    When should I divide chives?

    Divide chives at the end of summer to keep them fresh

    Chives have usually grown into a large clump by the end of summer and really need splitting up to keep them rejuvenated. If you leave them in a huge clump they start dying out in the centre and will become weak and spindly. via

    Can you divide chives in spring?

    Answer: Most herbs do best when divided in spring, but not chives. When treated to the rejuvenating effects of division in late summer or early fall, chive plants show their pleasure by popping out a fast flush of new leaves that taste extra-sweet, thanks to cool fall weather. via

    When can chives be planted outside?

    Plant chives in early spring 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost. They're a wonderful option to use as a perennial garden border among flowers or in a culinary container garden. Space chives 8 to 12 inches apart in an area that receives full sun and has nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. via

    Should I let chives flower?

    Should you really let your chives bolt? Well, there's really no harm in letting your chives bloom, but your harvest might get smaller if you do. Most plants will produce smaller leaves when there are flowers too. The flower stalk is usually also hard and you can't eat it. via

    Do chives multiply?

    Chives will multiply if flowers are allowed to seed out. Mature plants can be divided and transplanted every few years. via

    Do chives regrow after cutting?

    So chives do, in fact, regrow after cutting. Pruning promotes the healthy growth of plants and keeps them coming back with renewed vigor. You can maintain a beautiful chives garden by staying on top of the harvest. via

    How do you divide and replant chives? (video)

    How do you trim chives? (video)

    How do you know when chives are ready?

    Wait to harvest your chives when the plant is at least six inches tall. Blossoms: Clip the flower at the base of its stem. The stem is edible but is often tougher and “woodier” in taste than its leaves. Chives flower between May and June, and the blossoms are tasty in salads and in chive blossom vinegar. via

    How do you keep chives blooming? (video)

    How do you rejuvenate chives? (video)

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