What Do You Use A Salad Spinner For

Homemade french fries are usually a rare indulgence, so taking a few extra steps to make them as deliciously crispy as possible is well worth it. Use the salad spinner to take out the last bit of moisture after soaking the potatoes. Then pop them back … via

Do you really need a salad spinner?

Yes to salad spinners. Yes, salad spinners do take up a lot of cabinet space, but they provide more than enough value, and are worth every inch of space. And even if you didn't quite have the room for it, you'd find a way to make room because that's just how important this tool is in your kitchen. via

What else can you do with a salad spinner?

10 Alternative Uses for Your Salad Spinner

  • Washing and drying herbs.
  • Spinning excess water out of pasta.
  • Rinsing and draining beans.
  • Washing berries.
  • Removing seeds from canned tomatoes.
  • Cleaning leeks.
  • Cleaning craggly vegetables like broccoli.
  • Proofing bread dough.
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    Can you put salad dressing in a salad spinner?

    Dressing: You can add dressing and inside the salad spinner to evenly coat your salad greens, or use the spinner to remove excess dressing before serving. You can use your salad spinner to remove any excess water so your coatings stick well. via

    Can you use a salad spinner to wash vegetables?

    Turns out a salad spinner can do both the washing and the drying. Instead of washing the greens under cold water, place them into the spinner first and fill the whole thing up with water. Proceed through life with dry—and clean—greens. via

    How do restaurants keep salad crisp?

    There are two things salad greens need to stay crisp: moisture and air. Lettuce actually needs a good amount of airflow, in addition to a bit of moisture, in order to stay crisp. That's why restaurants store their lettuce in special perforated bins that allow for air circulation while it's held in the fridge. via

    Which salad spinner is the best?

    The Best Salad Spinner

  • Our pick. OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner. Our pick. The pump on the OXO makes it the easiest to use of all of the salad spinners we tested.
  • Also great. Paderno World Cuisine Manual Salad Spinner. The runner-up.
  • Also great. OXO Steel Salad Spinner. A nicer serving bowl.
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    Can you use a salad spinner to dry potatoes?

    Grate your potatoes into long strands and use the salad spinner to really dry them out. This is essential if you're making hash browns or latkes. via

    Does a salad spinner keep lettuce fresh?

    You already rinse your lettuce and run it through the salad spinner to get off any excess water—but you shouldn't stop there. Storing the whole contraption in the fridge—spinner, lettuce, lid, and all—can keep the greens crisp and colorful for a full week. via

    Can you clean fruit in a salad spinner?

    Cleaning Berries

    As you would with greens, fill the salad spinner with water, then immerse the berries in the basket. Let them soak for a bit, then remove and drain the water. Raspberries should be dried on a paper towel, but if you're cleaning blueberries or strawberries, feel free to give them a gentle spin. via

    How do you dry salad without a salad spinner? (video)

    Is there an electric salad spinner?

    Electric Salad Spinner : This lettuce spinner is in electric and USB Rechargeable design, you don't need to manually press or pull it. Just turn on the power button to start, and it will automatically stop after 10 secods. via

    How do you clean romaine lettuce without a salad spinner?

  • Place a large handful of greens in a colander. Rinse well with water.
  • Roll out a long sheet of paper towels and place on a clean kitchen surface. Alternately, spread out a clean dish towel.
  • Lay the greens in a single layer on top of the towels.
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    How do you clean lettuce without getting soggy?

    Here's how to do it: Place a clean dish towel or paper towels over a rimmed baking sheet (or just right on your table). Spread the leaves over the towel and let them air dry for about half an hour or or so. That's it. via

    What is the proper way to use a salad spinner?

  • Prepare your salad ingredients. Chop up your vegetables and fruits and do not add any ingredients that do not require washing.
  • Lift out strainer basket and place your ingredients in it.
  • Fush thoroughly with water.
  • Put the the lid on the spinner.
  • Start spinning the salad.
  • Remove your ingredients.
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    Can you dry strawberries in a salad spinner?

    I went through my strawberries, picked out the moldy/rotting ones & then did this little trick: Then, GENTLY spin strawberries in a salad spinner until mostly dry. Place clean & dry strawberries in a paper towel lined bowl (to help soak up any extra moisture) & leave uncovered in the refrigerator. Done! via

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