Pillowcases How To Make


  • Choose a Size. The pillowcase pattern can easily be changed to fit a standard, queen, or king-sized pillow; you just cut the pillow's main pieces differently.
  • Cut Your Fabric. Once you've chosen your fabric it's time to cut it.
  • Prepare the Trim.
  • Layer Your Pieces.
  • Make the Burrito.
  • Finish the Burrito.
  • Sew Raw Edges.
  • Unroll the Burrito.
  • Iron.
  • Sew French Seams.
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    How do you make a pillowcase step by step? (video)

    How much material do you need to make a pillowcase?

    A finished standard pillowcase should measure about 22.5 inches by 31.5 inches, allowing for fill depth, seaming and an approximate 4-inch hem. One yard of 45-inch-wide fabric should be enough to make one standard case, if the material is preshrunk. via

    What is the best fabric to make pillowcases?

    Here are the best pillowcase materials:

  • Cotton. One of the most popular pillowcase materials is cotton.
  • Nylon. Another common pillowcase fabric, nylon is typically made to look like silk.
  • Linen. Linen is a high quality, natural flax product that is no longer produced in quantity.
  • Satin.
  • Silk.
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    How do you make a pillowcase by hand?

  • Step 1: Decide on Fabric. Picking out fabric is the best part.
  • Step 2: Cut Fabric.
  • Step 3: Fold Fabric.
  • Step 4: Pin (Font and Back) sides Together.
  • Step 5: Sew.
  • Step 6: Cut off the thread.
  • Step 7: Use the Corners.
  • Insert Pillow.
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    How much bigger should a pillowcase be than the pillow?

    Pillowcases are generally one to two inches larger than the actual pillow. Most standard size pillowcases are built to cover the four extra inches of a queen pillow. via

    How do you make a pillowcase with a flap? (video)

    How much fabric do I need to make 2 pillowcases?

  • 2 yards (1.9 meters) of fabric for standard & queen size pillowcases (20″ x 30″).
  • 2.5 yards (2.3 meters) of fabric for king size pillowcases (20″ x 40″).
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    What is a housewife style pillowcase?

    What is a Housewife Pillowcase? The Housewife pillowcase often referred to as the 'standard' pillowcase because of how widely-used it is in the UK, is usually made out of cotton or polyester fabrics and is designed to tuck over the end of the pillow. via

    Which is better silk or satin pillowcase?

    Blending satin with synthetic fabrics can result in fabrics that can be much more flexible and smoother than real silk, which is a great benefit to hair and scalp. "Satin is much more forgiving, as it moves with the hair which reduces the friction between the hair fiber and the pillowcase or surface," explains Hill. via

    Which is better silk or cotton pillowcase?

    Silk pillowcases are gentler on the skin of people with acne or sensitive skin than rough cotton pillowcases,” Harth explains. “Silk pillowcases absorb less of the moisture and dirt and thus may be a better choice for people with acne,” Harth says. via

    Are cotton pillowcases bad?

    Cotton cases will absorb the oils from your hair as well as skin, which can leave your skin prone to breakage and hair dry and brittle. It's also common for cotton to snag hair causing it to tangle and knot, so less friction means you're less likely to wake with a bad case of bedhead. via

    How do you make a small pillow? (video)

    What size pillow goes in 18x18 cover?

    For example if you have an 18x18 pillow cover, you'll want to use a 20x20 insert. This will ensure that your pillow looks plump and luxurious. If the insert is too small, the pillow cover will look saggy. via

    Will a king pillow fit in a queen pillowcase?

    You can comfortably place a king pillow across a twin or full, and two on a king or California king-sized bed. However, you can tightly fit two of them across a queen-sized bed, leaving no space between the pillows. King size pillows work perfectly with king pillowcases, measuring 20-21 inches by 36-41 inches. via

    What size pillow goes in a 20x20 cover?

    For a luxurious and full looking pillow, choose inserts that are 1 to 4 inches larger than the cover that you'll be using (see below). Usually the larger the cover, the greater the difference between the cover and insert that's required for a full look. Our most popular insert size is 22x22 (for use with 20x20 covers). via

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