How To Store Hyacinth Bulbs

Curing hyacinths is very easy. Lay the bulbs out on a newspaper in a cool, dark place for three days. After that, store them in a cool, dark location in a mesh bag. They’re now ready to be planted in your garden in the autumn or forced indoors in late winter. via

What do you do with hyacinth bulbs after they bloom?

After your hyacinths have bloomed, remove the faded flower spikes and allow the foliage to die back. Dig up the bulbs, discard any damaged or diseased ones, and then dry them and store in paper sacks before replanting in the fall. via

Do you need to refrigerate hyacinth bulbs?


As with most other spring-blooming bulbs, hyacinths need to go through a period of cold weather (35-48°F) in order to bloom properly. Being exposed to wintery temperatures, tells the embryonic flower inside the bulb that spring is coming and flower development should begin. via

Can indoor hyacinth bulbs be used again?

If you know what you're doing, says Monty Don, you can bring the bulbs back to life year after year. via

Can you leave bulbs in pots after flowering?

You may keep the bulbs in pots after flowering, but it is a good idea to introduce some new soil with all its nutrients and fertilize again. You may also remove the bulbs, let them air dry and put them in a paper bag in a location with the proper chilling requirements until you are ready to force them again. via

How do you store hyacinth bulbs in the fridge?

Should you refrigerate bulbs?

Chilling the Bulbs

You can keep bulbs cool in a refrigerator, but only if there is no fresh fruit stored inside. The ethylene gas released by fruit during its natural ripening process will interfere with flower development. Better to store bulbs in an extra refrigerator, if you happen to have one. via

How do you winterize hyacinth bulbs?

Curing hyacinths is very easy. Lay the bulbs out on a newspaper in a cool, dark place for three days. After that, store them in a cool, dark location in a mesh bag. They're now ready to be planted in your garden in the autumn or forced indoors in late winter. via

How long do indoor hyacinths last?

After 8 to 12 weeks of blooming, your hyacinth will begin to go dormant. First the flowers will die, and eventually the leaves will wither. via

Do hyacinths bloom more than once?

Hyacinths bloom just once per year (in the spring), but they will happily bloom again in subsequent years if provided with the proper care. They are a perennial plant. via

Will hyacinth bulbs multiply?

Hyacinth bulbs will spread and multiply if left in the ground to return the next year; however, they will generally only last 3 or 4 years. via

Can you leave bulbs in pots over winter?

Plant your bulbs in small 6-inch or 8-inch plastic pots and overwinter them under protection outdoors (in a cold frame, for instance) or in a cold garage. In the spring, as they start to bloom, you can then sink the pots into larger display containers. via

How do you store bulbs after they bloom?

  • After blooming, allow the foliage to wither and die back, then dig the tulips up.
  • Clean off the soil and let the bulbs dry. Discard any damaged ones.
  • Store the bulbs in nets or paper bags. Label them and keep in a cool dark place before replanting them in the fall.
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    How do you care for bulbs after they bloom?

    Can you store unplanted bulbs?

    You have several options. You can continue to store the bulbs in a cool location where the temperatures remain above freezing. Then plant the bulbs outdoors as soon as the soil is thawed and workable. If the plants received sufficient cold in storage, they will eventually flower for you this spring. via

    Can you store bulbs in the freezer?

    The bulbs need a cold period, but you don't want to freeze the bulbs, Thompson said. Put them in your refrigerator, not your freezer. But make sure you don't store bulbs in your refrigerator if you have apples in there. Apples release ethylene gas, which can kill the embryonic flower inside the bulb. via

    Can you store amaryllis bulbs in the refrigerator?

    Bulb Storage.

    Clean the bulb and place it in a cool (40-50 deg. F), dark place such as the crisper of your refrigerator for a minimum of 6 weeks. Caution: Do not store amaryllis bulbs in a refrigerator that contains apples, this will sterilize the bulbs. Store the bulbs for a minimum of 6 weeks. via

    When should you put bulbs in the fridge?

    Before planting tulips and hyacinths put them in a paper bag and then into the crisper part of the fridge for about six to seven weeks. That enables them to have a very strong flowering shoot. Spring flowering bulbs are all-time favourites in the garden. via

    Will dried out bulbs grow?

    Yes, if the bulb is still firm and plump it will most likely be able to be successfully planted. However, if the bulb smells bad due to rotting, is squishy or mushy, or is dry and shriveled up then the bulb should not be planted and can be thrown out. via

    How long do bulbs last unplanted?

    Most bulbs, if stored correctly, can be kept for about 12 months before needing to be planted. The longevity of flowering bulbs is largely determined by the adequacy of the storage provided. via

    How do you revive a dying hyacinth?

    Spring bulbs like hyacinths only bloom once a year. Now that this year's blooms have died back, keep the plant in a sunny spot and make sure it doesn't get too dry. Feed it now and then with a weak fertilizer solution when you water. In other words, treat it as a houseplant until you can plant it outside. via

    How do you care for potted hyacinths?

  • Set the hyacinth pot in an area that receives bright sunlight until the bulbs begin to flower.
  • Water the bulbs when the top half inch of soil feels dry.
  • Move the hyacinth pot to an area that receives bright but indirect sunlight once the flower blossoms begin to open.
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    Do hyacinths need full sun?

    Sun or Shade: For the largest flowers and straightest stems, plant your hyacinths in full sun. The bulbs will also flower in light shade or half-day sun. Hardiness Zone: Hyacinths are winter hardy in growing zones 4-8. In warmer climates, the bulbs need to be pre-chilled before planting. via

    How do you keep hyacinths alive indoors?

    The key to successfully growing hyacinth plants indoors is to provide moisture without soaking the bulbs, which causes rotting. The bulbs contain plenty of stored nutrients for the leaves and flowers, which makes fertilizer unnecessary. The potting compost mixture or gravel should only remain moist and never soaked. via

    Are hyacinths poisonous to dogs?

    Toxicity to pets

    Both hyacinths and tulips belong to the Liliaceae family, and contain allergenic lactones or similar alkaloids. The toxic principle of these plants is very concentrated in the bulbs (versus the leaf or flower), and when ingested in large amounts, can result in severe clinical signs. via

    How often do hyacinths need watering?

    Watering hyacinth about once a month with 1 inch of water when rain is lacking is all that is generally necessary. During winter, you do not need to water hyacinths while the bulbs are overwintering. via

    How many years do hyacinths bloom?

    Let's look at them in some detail. The first is how many years will bulbs bloom dependably after planting. Most tulips and hyacinths are dependable for one year and with luck, maybe two. via

    Do bulbs bloom more than once?

    Early-blooming bulbs such as snowdrops, crocus, chionodoxa, scilla and daffodils will flower year after year and multiply over time. Muscari and alliums will also return to bloom again if the soil is well-drained and stays relatively dry during summer and winter. via

    Can potted hyacinths be planted outside?

    Planting potted hyacinths outdoors requires some pre-planning. Hyacinth bulbs can thrive in any well-draining garden bed that receives full, all-day sun and has a soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Amend the site with a 1-inch layer of compost and 1 pound of a 5-10-10 fertilizer per 50 square feet before planting. via

    Where do hyacinths grow best?

    Hyacinths perform best in moderately fertile soil. They enjoy good drainage, and a full to part-sun location. To enjoy their brilliant colors and fragrance, hyacinths need to be planted in the fall. via

    When can I transplant hyacinth bulbs?

    Botanically known as Muscari armeniacum, moving grape hyacinth bulbs is best done in late summer. You can also begin transplanting grape hyacinth bulbs in autumn when you're moving, transplanting, and planting other spring blooming bulbs. You can even move grape hyacinth bulbs in spring. via

    How do you winterize bulbs in pots?

    A: The best way to overwinter tulips planted in containers is in an unheated garage, where bulbs are chilled enough to break dormancy, yet are protected from repeated freezing and thawing. You also can submerge entire containers directly into garden soil. via

    How often should I water bulbs in pots?

    DON'T forget that plants in pots and containers need a considerable amount more watering than those in the garden. During really hot days water at least once a day. via

    How cold is too cold for bulbs in pots?

    Typically, potted bulbs must receive between 10 and 16 weeks of temperatures between 32 and 50 degrees depending on the type of bulb to grow roots and set flower buds. Below 32 degrees, the roots stop developing and above 50 the tops begin growing. via

    How do you store bulbs for next year?

    Lay bulbs on a tray to dry for 24 hours to help prevent fungal rots developing in storage. Put the bulbs in labelled paper bags or nets and store in a dry, cool place. via

    How do you store amaryllis bulbs after they bloom?

    To store the bare bulb, carefully lift the bulb out of the soil and brush off the soil. Store the bulb in a paper bag or a box with peat, sawdust or perlite. Allow the pot, or the bulb to remain in that cool place — without watering for at least six weeks, usually 8 to 10 weeks. via

    Can you move bulbs when they are flowering?

    Boost the colour from spring bulbs in your garden by dividing them after flowering. Many spring bulbs benefit from being lifted and divided after flowering. Winter aconites, for example, are invisible for much of the year, so are far easier to lift while you can still see them. via

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