How To Spruce Up Your Backyard

20 Genius Ways to Spiff up Your Backyard

  • Install a faux hedge. No green thumb?
  • Add some raised beds. The only thing better than the pop of color a garden adds to your yard?
  • Invest in new cushion covers.
  • Set out a basket of throws.
  • Add a deck.
  • Invest in some outdoor games.
  • Install new fencing.
  • Add a diverse mix of planters to your landscape.
  • Add a bar cart.
  • Install an outdoor kitchen.
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    How can I spruce my backyard cheap?

  • Build a DIY Deck or Patio. Photo via @seekingalexi.
  • Lay Down an Outdoor Rug. Photo via @alexandmike.
  • Create a Stone Path. Photo via @plaids.and.poppies.
  • Construct a Tree Bench.
  • Set Up a Trellis.
  • Create Shade with a Pergola.
  • Invest in a Fountain.
  • Use a Stock Tank Pool.
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    How do I spruce up my back yard?

  • Buy New Patio Furniture –
  • Rearrange Your Patio Furniture –
  • Invest in a Storage Bench –
  • Upgrade to New Flower Pots –
  • Illuminate Pathways with Lights –
  • Invest in Custom Walkways –
  • Add a Custom Patio or Deck –
  • Try a Retractable Awning –
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    How do I turn my backyard into an oasis on a budget?

  • A little stain can go a LONG way! It's amazing what paint can do for the inside of a house, right?
  • Lighting!
  • Create a place for warmth.
  • Bring the indoors out.
  • Use plants to your advantage.
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    How do I make my backyard beautiful?

  • Build an arbor or a pergola.
  • Add a walkway.
  • Locate utilities before digging in.
  • Know the mature size of a plant at planting time.
  • Design primary paths to be at least 5 feet wide.
  • Don't crowd pathways or patios.
  • Allow at least 3 feet of open space around patio furniture to ensure easy passage.
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    How can I make my backyard beautiful on a low budget?

  • 10 Cheap Landscaping Ideas for the Backyard.
  • Use Mulch Alternatives.
  • Repurpose Old Tires.
  • Go Vertical With Your Gardening.
  • Add a Splash of Color.
  • Plant Useful Plants.
  • Opt for Natural Perennial Ground Covers.
  • Build an Outdoor Fire Pit.
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    How can I make my garden look nice without money?

  • Fill with flowers.
  • Plant some produce.
  • Perk it up with pots.
  • Look after your lawn.
  • Get rid of weeds.
  • Reupholster, repaint, rejuvenate.
  • Clean your patio.
  • Add a water feature.
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    How do you make a small backyard beautiful?

  • Step Up and Out. 1/13.
  • Garden in Containers. 2/13.
  • Use Natural Elements for Privacy. 3/13.
  • Create a Focal Point. 4/13.
  • Minimize Furniture. 5/13.
  • Use Every Inch—Even the Side Yard. 6/13.
  • Incorporate Seating into Hardscapes. 7/13.
  • Use Vertical Space. 8/13.
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    How do you spruce up a boring patio?

  • Cleaning and Sealing Pavers.
  • Adding a Roof to the Patio.
  • Incorporating Lighting.
  • Adding Audio and Video.
  • Adding a Fire Pit to an Existing Patio.
  • Incorporating a Water Feature.
  • Planting Around a Patio.
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    How can I make my backyard private?

  • Construct a Classic. 1/12.
  • Grow a Living Fence. 2/12.
  • Fill in with Bamboo. 3/12.
  • Fold Out a Private Enclave. 4/12.
  • Put Up a Pergola. 5/12.
  • Plant Your Pergola. 6/12.
  • Hang Out with Your Greenery. 7/12.
  • Elevate Your Style. 8/12.
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    How can I turn my backyard into an oasis?

  • Retractable Shade. To shade a hot-spot, consider a retractable shade like the one on this pergola.
  • Privacy Screens.
  • Grow a Living Wall.
  • Space for Kids and Grown Ups.
  • Paver Pedestal System.
  • Add Texture and Interest.
  • Plant an Herb Wall.
  • Privacy and Parties.
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    How do I turn my backyard into an oasis?

  • Build a Water Feature. Adding a water feature quickly helps transform your backyard into an oasis.
  • Layer Your Plants.
  • Develop Privacy.
  • Use Containers to Add Texture.
  • Plant Color.
  • Install a Spa or Hot Tub.
  • Put up a Hammock.
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    How can I make my backyard more cozy?

  • 01 of 11. Clear the Clutter. Calimia Home.
  • 02 of 11. Comfortable Seating. JC Design.
  • 03 of 11. The Right Landscaping. Calimia Home.
  • 04 of 11. Take Advantage of a View.
  • 05 of 11. Design a More Inviting Patio or Deck.
  • 06 of 11. Shade.
  • 07 of 11. A Water Feature.
  • 08 of 11. Create Privacy.
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    How can I make my backyard more fun?

  • Organize an Outdoor Movie Night. There are a couple of ways you can go about this.
  • Day Bed Daze. This is a project best saved for the serious DIYer or a professional.
  • Backyard Beach.
  • Mini Golf Madness.
  • Treetop Escape.
  • Water Park.
  • Raise the Bar.
  • Put in the Perfect Pool.
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    How can I decorate my yard?

  • Use Ornaments as Finishings. Photo by Jennifer Cheung.
  • Design for Outdoor Rooms.
  • Don't Be Afraid of Patina.
  • Repeat Your Home's Exterior Style.
  • Dress Up Garden Entrances.
  • Tie Furnishings Into the Overall Scheme.
  • Choose Decor Suited for The Outdoors.
  • Take Lighting to Another Level.
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    What is the best app for garden design?

    The 9 garden design apps you need to know

  • Leafsnap.
  • My Soil.
  • Garden Plan Pro.
  • Smartplant.
  • iScape.
  • Home Outside.
  • Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden.
  • Garden Tags. Garden Tags is the app to use once your garden is planted.
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    How do you make a small yard look bigger?

  • Lay Pavers and Decking in the Right Direction.
  • Put Color in the Entry.
  • Create Levels.
  • Incorporate Surroundings.
  • Use Tropical Plants with Big Leaves.
  • Frame a View with a Trellis, Pergola or Arbor.
  • Divide the Space.
  • Use a Focal Point.
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    What is the cheapest rock for landscaping?

    What is the cheapest rock for landscaping? Crushed gravel and pea gravel tend to be the cheapest landscape rocks. But you may come across other varieties at a good price. via

    What can I use instead of grass in my backyard?

    Eco-Friendly Alternatives to a Grassy Lawn

  • Groundcovers. Groundcovers sprawl across the ground but don't grow tall, eliminating the need to mow, providing the perfect alternative to grass.
  • Corsican Mint.
  • Creeping Thyme.
  • Clover.
  • Ornamental Grasses.
  • Evergreen Moss.
  • Native Perennial Beds.
  • Artificial Turf.
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