How To Season A Blackstone Griddle

  • 1. Clean your griddle with water and soap if it's brand-new. Fill up a 2 litre (0.53 US gal) bucket with warm water. Add some soap and then stir it in
  • 2. Select an oil that's rich in fatty acids to coat your grill. Select your favorite oil from the following high-fat options: vegetable shortening,
  • 3. Turn the burners to the maximum temperature and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Locate your propane tank and turn it on by rotating the valve
  • 4. Spread 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 44 mL) of oil over the griddle surface. Adding oil creates a natural non-stick surface and adds some flavor to
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    How do you season a Blackstone griddle for the first time? (video)

    What is the best oil to season a Blackstone griddle?

    Blackstone Chef Nathan Lippy recommends using flaxseed oil to season a Blackstone griddle. While you can use other high-heat oils to season your griddle, flaxseed oil is perfect for the very first seasoning round of your griddle, as it creates a strong layer of polymerized oil. via

    How often do I need to season my Blackstone griddle?

    In general, the griddle should be re-seasoned once a week, but this all depends on how often you use it. After all, if your food starts to stick, then that's a clear sign you need to re-season it. If you have a new griddle, turn on all the burners on the lowest setting and let them burn for 1h. via

    What do you season a Blackstone with?

    We highly recommend you use the Blackstone Griddle Seasoning & Cast Iron Conditioner (Available in stores or on our website). If you don't have the Blackstone Griddle Seasoning, other regular cooking oils will work. via

    Can you use bacon grease to season a Blackstone griddle?

    Blackstone actually recommends that you don't use bacon grease to season your griddle. via

    How do you clean Blackstone griddle after cooking?

  • Let the griddle cool down after cooking.
  • Scrape the surface with a metal spatula or scraper;
  • Wipe it down with a paper towel.
  • For stuck on food, pour some water onto the griddle while it's still warm.
  • Rub a Blackstone Scouring Pad gently on the surface.
  • Rinse off the water with paper towels.
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    Can you use butter on a Blackstone griddle?

    Of course, you can use butter on a Blackstone Griddle and you can use it to enhance the flavor of your food in a wide variety of ways which we will look at below. via

    Can you season Blackstone griddle with olive oil?

    A. We recommend the following oils for seasoning purposes: olive oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, coconut oil and sesame oil. Lard can also be used to season the griddle top. via

    Can you use PAM on a Blackstone griddle?

    Just remember, yes you can use cooking spray on your Blackstone Griddle, but you must do a proper seasoning first. via

    Can I leave my Blackstone griddle outside in the winter?

    Yes! You can leave your Blackstone Griddle outside, however, there are some precautions that need to take place to ensure you don't rust or ruin your new griddle. Let's talk griddle shop! Check out our Guide to Seasoning a Griddle. via

    Why is my Blackstone griddle sticky?

    Blackstone griddles have a cast iron griddle surface. The reason your Blackstone Griddle is sticky is because the volume of cooking oil built up on the griddle cooking surface. Well, not all of them, but many of them, and if yours is sticky, it's likely cast iron. via

    Can you season Blackstone griddle with Crisco?

    Before we start, if you want to see what the folks over at Blackstone say about seasoning your griddle here. Ever consider using Bacon to season a new griddle? Spread three tablespoons of the Crisco vegetable oil across the griddle. As it melts across the surface, spread it evenly using paper towels. via

    How long does it take to season a Blackstone?

    How Long Does It Take to Season a Blackstone Griddle? Seasoning your griddle is not much work at all as all you have to do is sprinkle some oil and let it burn. But the whole process can be a bit time-consuming. Each seasoning layer takes 15-20 minutes to come to the smoke point. via

    Can you cook with the lid down on a Blackstone griddle?

    Thicker cuts of meat can be cooked with the hood down to guarantee an even finish, so a hood on a griddle is a brilliant way to ensure you can cook everything perfectly, no matter what it is. via

    How long do you cook bacon on a Blackstone griddle?

    If using a bacon press, place it on top of the bacon right after placing it on the griddle. The bacon should cook in approximately 4-6 minutes, depending on the thickness of the bacon. There's no need to flip the bacon if using a press. via

    How do you get bacon grease off Blackstone griddle? (video)

    How do you cook bacon on a Blackstone griddle? (video)

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