How To Put Up A Clothesline

How to Install a Permanent Clothesline

  • Determine the best placement. Ideally, the best place to install a clothesline is on the south side of your property where it will get the most sun.
  • Dig the holes. Using a post hole digger, dig two holes- one for each post, 18-24″ deep.
  • Place the pole in the hole.
  • Level it up.
  • Pour concrete into hole.
  • Add water to the concrete mix.
  • Install the clothesline.
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    How do you attach a clothesline? (video)

    How do you build a clothesline outside? (video)

    How high should a clothesline be off the ground?

    The general guide is to place the clothesline about 100mm -150mm above the primary users head height. Do NOT place the clothesline too high either as this will make closing the clothesline too hard as most fold down clotheslines need to be pushed up in order for them to close down. Wall mounting pitfalls. via

    How do you secure a clothesline? (video)

    How do I tighten my clothesline? (video)

    How can I dry clothes outside without a clothesline?

    Try hanging large king sized sheets or blankets over your shower rod, over the rail of your deck, between two lawn chairs or folded in half or quarters over your clothes rack. When you fold large items, you must flip and turn them every 5-10 hours so that each side gets dry. via

    Can you attach clothesline to fence?

    It is possible to attach a clothesline to a timber fence, but it is something that we do not recommend. If the timber fence posts are new and strong plus cemented correctly into the ground, it can be a viable option. via

    What can I do with an old clothesline?

  • Herb Garden.
  • Beautiful Garden winner: Garden reflects gardener.
  • Before (spring) and after (now) - old clothesline post in my yard.
  • Clothesline trellis.
  • Swing set made out of clothesline poles.
  • Herb Garden.
  • Beautiful Garden winner: Garden reflects gardener.
  • Poles Used for Hammock and Clothesline.
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    Where is the best place to put a clothesline?

    Ideally, the best place to install a clothesline is on the south side of your property where it will get the most sun. Position the clothesline running north to south, so that the sun will cross the clothesline from east to west to maximize exposure. via

    What direction should a clothesline be?

    When hanging a clothesline consider wind direction. If wind in your area comes from the west, it is best to have the clothesline hung north to south to take advantage of any breezes. via

    Where do I put my rotary washing line? (video)

    Why does a clothesline always sag?

    A clothesline always sags a little, even if nothing hangs from it. The clothesline has a finite mass, and so the tension in the line must have an upward component to oppose the downward force of gravity. Thus, the line sags much the same as if it has weight on it. via

    How thick should clothesline rope be?

    For a proper clothesline, what you want is an appropriate thickness. With this clothesline, you get a thickness of ¼ inch, which is rather impressive for a cotton rope. via

    How do you make a clothesline between two trees?

    Mark the spot on each tree with a small piece of tape. Using a 1/4-inch drill bit, drill a hole into each tree at the marked height. Screw the heavy-duty hooks into the holes. Slip the end of the rope through the loop on the line tightener. via

    What is a clothesline tightener?

    This simple device can be easily attached to your existing cord. Once it is secured, this rope tightener adds tension to keep your freshly washed laundry from touching the ground and becoming soiled. The line can't slip through the Clothesline Tightener unless the plunger is pulled, keeping the rope tight and taut. via

    What is the best clothesline material?

    Multifilament polypropylene (nylon) is tempting because it is lightweight, water- and mildew-resistant, and strong (our sample was 640-pound test). However, its slippery texture deters a firm clothespin grip, and it doesn't tie well. Our top choice is basic cotton clothesline. via

    How do you fix a clothesline?

  • Trim the broken ends of the cord or rope with a pair of scissors.
  • Melt the trimmed ends of nylon rope with a lighter or match.
  • Tie a square knot to rejoin the broken clothesline by pulling the left end of the rope alongside the right end of the rope.
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