How To Make A Rain Chain At Home

How to: Make a Rain Chain

  • Drill holes in the PVC pipe sections. Mark a dot about ½ inch down from the rim of one end of each piece of PVC pipe.
  • Form the links of the chain. Trim off an inch from each landscape pin using wire cutters.
  • Assemble the rain chain.
  • Hang the rain chain.
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    Can I make my own rain chain?

    Use copper tubing and stones to make this beautiful, natural rain chain. Turn these cute galvanized buckets into a DIY Bucket Rain Chain. If your budget is tight, consider making this DIY Plastic Cup Rain Chain. Learn how to make this stunning DIY Glass and Copper Rain Chain. via

    How do you make a simple rain chain? (video)

    What can I use for a rain chain?

    If you are adding it onto a gutter that lines the top of your roof, then you can simply use a gutter clip to secure the rain chain to the gutter. These are typically included with a rain chain. For extra support, use a simple stake or anchor to secure the end of the rain chain to an existing drain. via

    What is the best material for a rain chain?

    Most Popular Materials:

  • Copper: This is the traditional material choice of rain chain artisans.
  • Steel: This is another traditional metal.
  • Stainless steel: This corrosion-resistant metal is often used by itself or in a rain chain design with copper.
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    Can I hang a rain chain anywhere?

    You can hang your rain chain from a shepherd's hook anywhere in your yard or garden, or hang it from a gutter downspout. Wherever you choose to hang it, your rain chain will add beauty and charm to your outdoor space. via

    Do rain chains work in heavy rain?

    Rain chains are less sturdy, and less high-capacity, than traditional downspouts. If you live somewhere with heavy weather and high winds, you'll need to install backup downspouts to handle your rainfall, because rain chains alone won't be able to do the job. via

    What do you put at the bottom of a rain chain?

    What do you put at the bottom of a rain chain? Now you may be wondering what happens to the water when it gets to the bottom of the chain. A basin, barrel or French drain is the best way to catch water runoff from a rain chain. via

    How do you make a homemade rain barrel? (video)

    How does rain chain work?

    Rain chains work using surface tension. They are connected to gutters, or eaves, usually where a downspout is traditionally placed. As rainwater collects in the gutters and begins to drain, it naturally follows the path of least resistance and follows the chain down to the ground. via

    Where do you place a rain chain? (video)

    What can I use instead of gutters?

  • Drip Path. Unlike a gutter, a drip path doesn't go on your roof.
  • Ground Gutters. Also known as French drains, ground gutters go in the ground, as their name suggests.
  • 3. Box Gutters. Some people refer to these gutters as built-in gutters.
  • Drip Edge.
  • Copper Gutters.
  • Underground Rain Chain.
  • Above Ground Rain Chain.
  • Grading.
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    How do you use a rain barrel rain chain?

    Hang the rain chain from the gutter strap and anchor it with a garden stake at ground level. You can let the end of the chain dangle into a rain barrel or create a depression in the ground, lined with gravel or pretty stones that will allow the water to flow into. via

    Do copper rain chains turn green?

    Rain chains made from 100% pure copper will darken and take on that familiar green patina effect over time. Aluminum rain chains will develop a rich dark silver grey color as they age. Brass rain chains turn a bronzy/brown color over time. via

    Do rain chimes make noise?

    If you just thought that a rain chain produces some sound on its own then we are afraid to say that you are wrong. The chain doesn't have any innate sound but it still makes soothing sounds when rain water passes over it. Do you know how? It's quite simple, really. via

    How much do rain chains cost?

    Prices range from $1,000 to $1,330, depending on length. Compared to a traditional gutter-and-downspout system which can cost as much as $32 per linear foot for installation (for copper), rain chains can be easy on the budget. At the low end, an 8-foot Copper Iron Rain Chain from Home Depot for $40. via

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