How To Make A Potters Bench

Project Steps

  • Overview of How to Build a Potting Bench. Download a printable potting bench cut list.
  • Make the Work Surface. Use a jigsaw to cut the curved profiles on the side pieces.
  • Make the Bottom Shelf. Screw the shelf's frame together.
  • Attach the Legs. Screw the lower support blocks to the legs.
  • Insert the Top Shelf.
  • Attach the Wire Mesh.
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    How do you make a simple potting bench? (video)

    What makes a good potting bench?

    Potting Bench Materials

    A potting bench should be constructed of a sturdy and durable material, such as wood, metal, recycled plastic or vinyl. It is important that a potting bench be able to support the weight of soil and pots as well as withstand regular exposure to moisture and sunlight. via

    What kind of wood should I use for a potting bench?

    Redwood is fairly soft, so any wood works well as pegs for the potting bench. I chose teak for its weather resistance and for its contrast to the redwood. Teak is more expensive, but since you need only a 3⁄8 in. via

    How big should a potting bench be?

    The most common height for potting benches is 36 inches, the same as kitchen counters. However. potting benches do come in various heights. The goal is to avoid stooping and strain on your back, particularly since you'll be working with heavy pots and containers of soil. via

    Do I need a potting bench?

    Whether you are an amateur gardener or a full time one, whether you look after a large garden or a small balcony or patio garden, you need a potting bench to ensure that you can easily carry out many of the gardening tasks without straining your back or spending time hunting for tools and equipment. via

    How do you make Ana White potting bench?

  • Mark the back legs from the bottom at 11-1/4” and 35-1/4”.
  • Attach front aprons to the side aprons with 2” wood screws and glue.
  • Shelving – Place shelving boards on bottom shelf.
  • Cross bracing – cut cross bracing at 45 degree angles on ends.
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    Can you keep potting bench outside?

    Whether you consider yourself a gardener, a potting bench can add precious storage space to your outdoor areas. Repurpose it with a fresh coat of exterior paint and let it hold all of your outdoor tools. via

    How do you make a wooden potting bench? (video)

    What are potting benches used for?

    A Potting bench or gardening table is a kind of workbench used for small gardening tasks such as transplanting seedlings. A basic potting bench has a work surface at bench height, comfortable for a standing person; and storage for potting soil, pots, and tools. via

    How do you make a potting bench out of pallets? (video)

    How high should greenhouse benches be?

    Height. Our greenhouse benches are about 28 inches tall (28.5″ once the final top boards are installed). Standard table height is 28 to 30 inches. This height works perfectly for raising seedlings and is comfortably ergonomic to work around. via

    How do you make a dresser out of a potting bench?

  • Find the Perfect Piece.
  • Remove doors to create open storage.
  • Replace Existing Hardware.
  • Remove Bottom Drawers.
  • Creating Storage Space.
  • Paint the Inside of the Dresser.
  • Creating a Sink Area.
  • Measuring for the Sink.
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    What do you need on a potting table?

  • Trowel.
  • Spade.
  • Gloves.
  • Twine.
  • Seeds/seedlings.
  • Scissors/kitchen shears.
  • Pruning shears.
  • Potting soil.
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