How To Lay A Driveway


  • Lay out the driveway in the shape you want it. Stake it out using wooden stakes and marking spray paint.
  • Excavate the area for the driveway to a depth of at least 12 to 14 inches (30 to 36 cm) and compact the raw sub-grade.
  • Bring in the stone base that will double as support for the brick and drainage.
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    What is the cheapest way to do a driveway?

    Gravel and Stone Driveways

    A gravel driveway is by far the cheapest and quickest to install, especially if the existing driveway sub-base is sound. via

    Can you do a driveway yourself?

    Steps to build a driveway:

    Mark your project area and stake out boundaries. Excavate topsoil and level out project area. Lay wooden forms around the project area, anchored with stakes. Add in sand to firm up the soil, and gravel to ensure base thickness. via

    How deep do I dig out for a driveway?

    Before laying your gravel driveway, you must first prepare the area. This may require removing debris, turf, or topsoil. You will then need to dig out the area to a depth of between 50mm to 200mm. It is important that a minimum of 50mm is left for the gravel, and 150mm for the sub-base if you plan on including one. via

    What is the best way to lay a driveway? (video)

    How much does a driveway add to property value?

    It's estimated that having an attractive driveway to compliment your home can add up to 10% of your property's value, according to Virgin Money. via

    What is the cost of installing a gravel driveway?

    The average cost to put in a gravel driveway is between $1,500 and $6,000, or about $2 to $5 per square foot for materials and installation. The biggest factor that plays into how much money a new driveway will cost — other than size — is what material you plan on using. via

    What is the best base for a gravel driveway?

    The bottom layer should be comprised of stone (6” crushed rock) or consider 6” recycled concrete. The ideal thickness of each layer is between 4 to 6 inches. The middle layer should also be angular stones about 2” to 3” in diameter such as our #2 Bluestone. via

    Is sand a good base for driveway?

    Answered by LCD: Sand is a proper levelling course for use under pavers and ungrouted brick patios and such. It is definitely NOT a proper base for a driveway - it is too mobile, has low bearing capacity, moves about under load especially if very dry or very wet, and will cause structural cracking of your driveway. via

    How do you harden a gravel driveway?

    Use a compacter to compact the gravel driveway and help bind the loose stones into the surface of the driveway. You can rent a manual or powered compacter at most rental yards after you have finished adding a layer of crusher run to the driveway. via

    How much does a ton of gravel cover?

    A ton of gravel will cover approximately 100 square feet, 2 inches deep. via

    What can I put under my gravel driveway?

    Heavy-duty woven driveway fabric helps a gravel driveway resist ruts and potholes while significantly increasing time between resurfacing. For a very long lasting gravel driveway install our fabric with Ground Grid which greatly reduces gravel migration. via

    How do I keep my gravel from moving on my driveway?

    If you want all the appearance of gravel, without having to worry about gravel moving on the driveway, a resin bound driveway could work perfectly. This technique involves mixing the aggregates with resin, and then applying it as a smooth layer to the driveway. via

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