How To Get Rid Of Possums In Your Yard

The most natural way of getting rid of possums is by having a dog, preferably a hunting breed. Tags that leave a dog leaves in the yard, on the house and its surroundings will deter not only possums, but also other animals. You can also follow the scientists’ recipe: mix Cayenne pepper with Tabasco sauce, water and detergent.

The tabasco pepper is a variety of chili pepper species Capsicum frutescens with its origins in Mexico. It is best known through its use in Tabasco sauce, followed by peppered vinegar. Like all C. frutescens cultivars, the tabasco plant has a typical bushy growth, which commercial cultivation makes stronger by trimming t…


What do possums hate most?

Possums hate the taste of:

  • Garlic.
  • Onion.
  • Hot peppers.
  • Hot sauce.
  • Mustard.
  • Quassia chips.
  • Black tea.
  • Fish oil.
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    What home remedy will get rid of possums?

    Natural Methods for Repelling Possums

  • Pet Fur – Opossums will avoid suspected predators, including a dog or cat.
  • Ammonia – Fill a jar with a bit of ammonia and cut a hole in the jar's lid.
  • Garlic – The scent and taste of garlic is sometimes successful in repelling opossums.
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    What smell do possums hate?

    Ammonia and garlic are scents that possums tend to flee from. If using ammonia, pour a small amount of ammonia into a coffee can with a lid. via

    How do you keep possums out of your yard?

    To discourage opossums from visiting your yard, stow water and food supplies, such as pet bowls and bird feeders, out of reach at night. Opossums also can be deterred with repellents, scare tactics, and a good fence. On fruit trees, place baffles on tree trunks to prevent opossums from climbing them. via

    What will scare a possum away?

    Simple Scare Tactics

    Tie helium balloons around your yard to sway in the wind and startle the possums away. Place pinwheels, found in party supply stores, in the soil around your plants. The pinwheels will spin in the wind. Set up an oscillating fan in your garden with an extension cord. via

    Does vinegar keep possums away?

    Vinegar or Fox urine will help you get rid of Opossums. They move around at night so sprinkle, spray, or drop your vinegar when your Opossum is out for his/her dinner, of course on the spot she or he was seen last. via

    Where do possums go during the day?

    They are generally nocturnal and they spend the day in hollow tree trunks, rock crevices, under brush piles, or in burrows. They are excellent climbers and good swimmers. Opossums also spend a lot of time slowly ambling about on the ground, and as a result they are frequently struck by cars. via

    Are possums bad in your yard?

    Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Compared to other types of wildlife, they are very helpful. Opossums not only play an essential role in the ecosystem, but they can also be a valuable asset to your garden, in spite of the fact that most people are quick to control their numbers. via

    Do mothballs get rid of possums?

    There are scents that act as repellents to opossums, just as with many other animals. The smells of ammonia and mothballs are intolerable to them. If you are going to use this method, it should be done wherever a possum may hide. Toss some mothballs around the area for good measure as well. via

    Why would a possum be in my yard?

    Opossums eat pests - If you keep a garden or take special care of your lawn, opossums help keep damaging pests at bay. They are nocturnal - Adult opossums are solitary creatures which are active only at night, meaning that you're not likely to run into them while you enjoy your yard. via

    Why are possums attracted to my yard?

    Possums will be attracted to your yard if they can easily find a source of food in it. This source can be pet food that is stored outside, unsealed trash cans, or even fruit that has fallen to the ground from your fruit trees. via

    Should I let a possum live under my house?

    Possums sometimes use crawlspaces for their dens. Most homeowners, on the other hand, prefer not to have a possum living under their house. Driving a possum from a crawlspace is relatively easy, but may take some time to ensure that no animals, especially babies, will be left under the house to die. via

    Do possums come out during day?

    While most of their foraging happens at night, opossums can occasionally be seen in the daylight. If food is scarce, they will spend as much time as necessary to locate it, scavenging at all hours. via

    How do I keep possums away from my house?

  • Mothballs: Place a couple mothballs in a sealed container.
  • Blood meal: Sprinkle a stripe of blood meal around garden beds or other problem areas.
  • Dog urine: Similar to blood, the smell of a dog's urine frightens opossums.
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    Do bright lights keep possums away?

    Shining a bright light on it will cause it to move away from that light and away from your home. That is the issue you face if you have a possum it comes out at night toward your home. In these states the possum can be quite aggressive, and so your best measure is to simply stay away from it. via

    What is the best possum deterrent?

  • Molasses. Otherwise known as black treacle, a simple cup of molasses can work wonders on a bunch of pesky possums that is munching on your delicious garden wonders every night.
  • Spicy Mix. If molasses didn't work, try some spicier stuff!
  • Quassia Chips.
  • Mothballs.
  • Sprinkler.
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    Do possums hate peppermint?

    Soak several rags in peppermint oil or ammonia and place the rags around your property. Opossurms and raccoons do not like the pungent odor of the peppermint oil or ammonia, and will stay away from the offending area. Replace the rags after rainfall to maintain the deterrent. via

    Can possums chew through walls?

    Dealing with an opossum problem is similar to dealing with a rodent infestation. If an opossum enters your attic and finds itself stuck, it may try to chew through the wall, air ducts, or insulation to get out. Opossums make a huge mess while they are foraging for food. via

    Can possums get in your house?

    Secure pet doors at night, as opossums occasionally enter homes through pet doors. Once inside, they can generally be coaxed outside with a broom. Opossums seldom stay in one area for more than a few nights, so fear of them "taking over" an area should not be a concern. via

    Can possums get in your walls?

    Opossum in the Wall. Of all the animals I deal with, opossums seem to like to live in walls of homes more than any other wildlife. Sure, raccoons, squirrels, rats, and mice live in walls, but they'll usually take the attic when they have a choice. via

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