How To Get A Christmas Cactus To Bloom

How to Get Your Christmas Cactus to Bloom

  • Reduce watering. To encourage blooms to form, you need to start limiting the amount of water your plant receives.
  • Provide Enough Lighting and Darkness. Apart from watering, you will need to ensure that your plant receives the right amount of light and darkness.
  • Cool temperature.
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    How do you get a Christmas cactus to bloom indoors?

    Put your forest cactus in a dark closet for 14 hours a night, starting six to eight weeks before you want it to bloom. Bring it back out into a bright location during daylight hours. Once buds begin to form, the closet treatment is no longer needed, and the plant should bloom beautifully for the holidays. via

    How often should you water a Christmas cactus?

  • Plan to water every 2-3 weeks, but only water when the top one third of soil feels dry to the touch.
  • From spring through early fall, feed every 2 weeks with a balanced houseplant fertilizer.
  • Prune plants in late spring to encourage branching and more flowers.
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    How many times a year does a Christmas cactus bloom?

    Christmas Cactus are extremely popular when November and December roll around. I happen to like them even when they're not in bloom and think they make fine houseplants. But wait, did you know that they can repeat flower? Mine started re-blooming in February, so yes, Christmas Cactus do flower more than once a year. via

    Do you water Christmas cactus when blooming?

    Watering: Keep the soil evenly moist while your plant is blooming, misting it frequently. Light: Place the cactus in an east-facing window for moderate light and some direct sun. Transplantation: Repot your cactus each year after flowering. via

    Are coffee grounds good for Christmas cactus?

    The answer is simple, yes! Coffee grounds can work on almost any type of cactus or succulent. Most water has an alkaline pH of around 8, whereas cactus like between 5.8 – 7 pH. This means that each time you water your Christmas cactus or succulent, you are actually feeding it a higher pH than what it likes. via

    How old does a Christmas cactus have to be to bloom?

    Christmas cactus plants should continue receiving dark, cool treatment for at least six to eight weeks, or until buds begin forming. Once buds have formed, it usually takes up to 12 weeks (or less) for blooms to appear. via

    Does Christmas cactus like sun or shade?

    They prefer bright, indirect light. Full sun can cause the leaf segments to turn dark red as the plants begin to burn. The “trick” to getting Christmas cactus to bloom in the following years after purchase comes down to two things: light and temperature. via

    Do you water a Christmas cactus from the top or bottom?

    In general, water a Christmas cactus when the top inch or 2 of soil is dry. To help increase the humidity around your plant, fill the pot saucer with pebbles and add water to just below the tops of the pebbles (the pot shouldn't be sitting directly in water). The air will become more humid as the water evaporates. via

    How can you tell if a Christmas cactus is overwatered?

    In case you didn't remember to do this, one of the first overwatering symptoms on Christmas cactus will be limp leaves, which will start to drop off. Then the stems and branches will soften and get mushy. Severe cases will manifest with a foul odor and the stem will rot completely off. Prevention is simple. via

    How long do Christmas Cactus live?

    Christmas cactus are everywhere during the holiday season, with good reason. They're gorgeous blooming succulents that can live up to 100 years! That's right! This plant, when properly cared for, will survive for decades. via

    Should I deadhead Christmas Cactus?

    While not necessary for all cacti since some cactus flowers drop from the plant once they are spent, deadheading cactus flowers can promote additional blooms and encourage growth while also tidying up the cactus. Deadheading can be done throughout the growing season while the Christmas cactus is in bloom. via

    Why is my Christmas Cactus turning red?

    Red or purple-tinged foliage and wilting are two common symptoms of a magnesium deficiency, which is a common ailment in Christmas cacti. It occurs mainly during the winter months when feeding and watering are restricted and cold temperatures slow the plant's nutrient uptake. via

    When should I stop watering my Christmas cactus?

    If it's dry where you live, feel free to place the pot over a tray of moist pebbles. This is all to set up the bloom happening around Christmas. The only other time you should cease watering is after the plant blooms. At this time, cease watering for about 6 weeks to allow the plant to rest. via

    What kind of pots do Christmas cactus like?

    The ideal pot for a Christmas cactus is a well-draining pot. Try and find one with drainage holes and also search for a pot material that is porous such as terra cotta, ceramic, or clay. via

    When should I feed my Christmas cactus?

  • After flowering a resting period is required.
  • The growing season is from April-September; increase the watering and start feeding with a houseplant liquid feed.
  • During the summer months, when the risk of frost has past, they can be placed outside.
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