How To Care For Magnolia Trees

Growing and Caring for Magnolias

  • Watering: Most varieties tolerate hot summers and some drought.
  • Pruning: Magnolias don’t need much pruning other than to lop off damaged branches or to shape up the tree to keep it pretty.
  • Fertilizing: If your tree is healthy and blooming, no fertilizer needed.
  • Keep foot traffic away from the root zone of young trees.
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    How do you keep a magnolia tree healthy?

    Magnolias thrive in full sun or partial shade with regular water. Ensure your magnolia receives enough water and that it's planted in well-drained soil. Few magnolias tolerate soggy soil. via

    Why are the leaves on my magnolia tree turning brown?

    Leaf scorch is caused by excessive evaporation from the leaves. In hot weather, water evaporates rapidly from the leaves. If the roots can''t absorb and convey water fast enough to replenish this loss, the leaves turn brown and wither. For optimum growth, magnolias require moist soil. via

    How do I care for a magnolia tree?

    Make sure you have the right soil – neutral to acidic, not alkaline – and the right spot. Magnolias need plenty of sunshine and shelter from strong winds and frosts, which can damage the flowers. Heavy pruning in summer will remove the developing flower buds and will also stress the tree, preventing it from flowering. via

    What is the best fertilizer for magnolia trees?

    An appropriate fertilizer for a magnolia tree would be 12-4-8 or 20-5-10. The amount of fertilizer given is based on the amount of nitrogen required. A general guideline to use for a magnolia tree would be 1/10 pound of nitrogen for every inch of trunk diameter. via

    What kills a magnolia tree?

    Dig a 1-foot-wide, 2-foot-deep trench around the base of the tree to expose the Magnolia's roots. Scrape the dirt away from the bottom of the tree with a spade or shovel. Spray or pour herbicide over the roots, adding more herbicide until it pools on the top of the roots. via

    Are Coffee Grounds Good for magnolia trees?

    Sprinkling fresh coffee grounds around such acid-loving plants will be helpful if the soil in which they are growing is currently too alkaline for them. But, otherwise, do not apply fresh coffee grounds directly on the earth around your magnolia tree. via

    Can you overwater magnolias?

    Do not be afraid to overwater at planting, as this will help the roots establish. But avoid keeping the tree in saturated soil. While magnolias do well in areas where moisture applications range in extremes from too dry to too wet, any plant's roots can drown if it's constantly kept in water. via

    Do magnolia trees need a lot of water?

    In general, you should water magnolia trees once a week during the first two growing seasons and twice a month in subsequent years. Magnolias planted in sandy soils need regular watering in smaller amounts, while magnolias in clay soils require deep, infrequent waterings. via

    Can magnolia trees get too much water?

    Magnolias do best when the soil is neutral to slightly acidic. Too little water can cause drought stress, which results in yellowing leaves on magnolias. Too much water, or soil that doesn't drain well, can drown the tree roots. This can also cause yellow magnolia leaves. via

    Are magnolia trees hard to care for?

    Growing and Caring for Magnolias

    Magnolia trees need little help from you to thrive. They'll live up to a century in the right growing conditions. Get this: A Southern magnolia tree planted by Andrew Jackson in 1828 at the White House lived 190 years. via

    Are eggshells good for magnolia trees?

    A: Eggshells are good for the garden, but remember to wash the shells out and then crush them before adding them to the beds. Eggshells are high in calcium, a nutrient that is often deficient in Pacific Northwest soils but required for healthy cell growth in plants. via

    Is Miracle Grow good for magnolia trees?

    The Miracle-Gro tree and shrub plant spikes can help to give your magnolia tree all of the minerals and nutrients that it needs to grow and stay healthy. These spikes are easy to use and can be applied directly to the roots or added to your watering can. via

    Is Epsom salt good for magnolia trees?

    Magnolias do flower best in sun and prefer an acidic, loose soil. And possibly, if your tree is old enough, Epsom salts can help, since it helps release elements in the soil for better plant absorption. via

    Is cow manure good for magnolia trees?

    Applying a specially formulated, nutrient-rich mulch will give your magnolia the food and energy it needs to produce excellent flowers. To make a suitable mulch, mix together: 5 bags cow manure (not chicken manure as it burns the roots) via

    How long do magnolia trees live?

    Magnolia trees can live from 80 to 120 years. Most magnolia trees live from 80 to 100 years. However, with proper care, attention, and variety, they can live to be quite old. via

    Can a magnolia tree come back to life?

    If the tissue underneath is green or has a green cast to it, the tree is still alive. You will need to prune off any dead till you reach the green tissue. When you planted the magnolia trees, did make sure not to plant them too deep. You will need to raise the plant if it is planted too deep. via

    Are magnolia trees difficult to grow?

    If you've long admired the beauty of magnolias, you'll be happy to learn that they're quite easy to grow. And with over 80 species native to North America and Asia, there's sure to be one that's right for your yard. via

    What diseases affect magnolia trees?


  • Bacterial blight.
  • Bacterial leaf scorch (similar to Oleander leaf scorch)
  • Canker diseases. Nectria canker.
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