How To Care For A Mum

How to Care for Mums AKA Chrysanthemums

  • Sunlight: Ensure that your mums bloom for a longer time by placing them near a window where they will receive indirect sunlight.
  • Climate: Mums don't like extreme heat or extreme cold, so they'll thrive when temperatures are between 70-75F.
  • Soil: Chrysanthemums prefer well draining soil.
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    How long do potted mums last?

    Garden mums may be grown in containers, or planted in beds with existing shrubs and flowers. Flowers generally last about two or three weeks, depending on the outdoor temperatures and how far along the blooming process was when the plants were purchased. via

    How do you take care of potted mums?

  • Set potted mums indoors near a window that receives bright, indirect sunlight all day, or place them outdoors where they can receive five hours of morning sunlight and afternoon shade.
  • Check the mums' soil moisture daily, and water the mums when the top 1 inch of soil begins to dry.
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    How often do you water mums?

    Early in the season mums should be watered like your lawn, about one inch a week. As the plants increase in size and summer brings warmer temperatures, your watering should increase proportionately. By flowering time in September and October, watering three times a week would not be too much. via

    Do mums come back every year?

    Many people buy mums in the fall thinking the plants are annuals. These people toss the mums in the trash once the blooms have faded. But if you buy hardy mums, you can get them to bloom year after year. Late October is good time to plant. via

    Should you deadhead mums?

    Deadhead often for lasting blooms. Take off wilted blooms and dead stems/leaves not only makes your mums look more beautiful, it helps your plant to bloom longer. Once your mums stop blooming, you can place them in the ground outdoors once the weather starts to warm. via

    Why are my potted mums dying?

    Your potted Mums are dying because they may be suffering from a fungal disease like Verticillium, Septoria leaf spot, or Botrytis. They might have been attacked by a parasite like Pythium. You might be underwatering or overwatering them. Or they lack nutrients for their growth. via

    Can you leave mums in pots?

    Mums do best in well-drained soil so use potting mix ($8, The Home Depot) in your container. If you are growing mums in pots for a single season, you can mix them in with other plants in a large container. via

    When should I trim my mums?

    It's always best to cut mums back every spring shortly after they first begin to grow. Timing is everything. If you don't cut mums back in early spring, then they are more likely to produce a premature and disappointing period of poor bloom in summer and a lackluster season of poor bloom in fall. via

    How long will mums last?

    Early bloomers often begin flowering in late July, early fall bloomers show off blooms in September and late fall bloomers start their stunning display of colors in October. Each variety differs, but most mums will continue to bloom for four to eight weeks. There are many ways to extend the flowering of chrysanthemums. via

    Are coffee grounds good for mums?

    (Most edible plants like acidic soil, but some plants, such as eucalyptus, ficus, chrysanthemum and clematis, prefer alkaline soil). Used coffee grounds make an effective and fast-acting fertilizer for plants and vegetables. via

    How do I get my mums to bloom?

    Plant the mums in well-draining soil that receives full sun. Fertilize well to encourage blooms. If the mums produce spring blooms, pinch them back before late summer to encourage fall flowering. Before winter, cover plants with several inches of mulch or straw. via

    Can mums get too much water?

    Soil Conditions

    Mums grow best in soil that is slightly damp and well-draining. Overly wet soil will lead to root rot, which means that the roots will develop fungi and rot away. In such cases, the plant will not survive the winter. via

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