How To Build A Window Flower Box


  • Cut the Sides for the Box. For this window box on a 59 inch-wide window, the total length of the box will be 65 inches.
  • Cut Ends for the Box. The box needs two small boards to act as ends for the box.
  • Assemble the Box Sides.
  • Assemble the Ends.
  • Create the Drain Holes.
  • Cut and Attach the Face Frame.
  • Paint the Window Box.
  • Attach the Window Box.
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    How do you make a flower box for a window? (video)

    How deep should a window flower box be?

    A minimum of 8 inches in depth and 8 inches from front to back is required to have enough room for a selection of plants. Larger–say a foot in depth and width–is even better, particularly if you want to include a lot of plants and want them to fill out enough to overflow the box. via

    How do you make a box on Windows? (video)

    Do you put flower boxes on every window?

    A good rule of thumb: Match the width of the flower box to the width of the window. Use smaller flower boxes on smaller windows, and larger ones on larger windows. via

    How many plants should be in a window box?

    Generally I would use 3 or maybe 4 plants in 10 or 12-inch planters, 4 to 6 plants in a 14 to 16-inch planter and Six to 8 plants in an 16 to 20-inch planter and so on. With the traditional planting, you need to have a bit of patience to get a completely full planter. via

    What do you put in the bottom of a window box?

    Always make sure your window box has drainage holes. To aid drainage, place 2 inches of nonbiodegradable packing peanuts or old wine corks in the bottom of the box, and then cover with landscape fabric to prevent soil from seeping out. Next, fill the box halfway with potting soil, and add your plants. via

    Should you line a window box?

    You can use planter liners all throughout the year. Even copper and planters with a medal powder coating on them will benefit. In fact, experts recommend using liners throughout the year even if you do not swap flowers seasonally to extend the life of your window boxes. via

    How do you secure a window box?

    To stop your window boxes falling off, always make sure they're secured. Metal brackets bolted to the wall can extend your windowsills, as well as help to secure the containers. You could also screw eyelets into the wall each side of the window box, then tie in the window box with some strong wire. via

    Should I add window boxes?

    Window boxes can really make the exterior of your home attractive. The boxes need to be rot resistant and strong enough to hold hundreds of pounds of weight. There are lightweight soil mixtures that do not weigh as much as real soil, but even those materials, plus water and the weight of the plants can add up quickly. via

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    How do you hang a window box without drilling?

    The easiest way to hang a window box without drilling is to purchase vinyl siding hangers for a window box, or to get a no-drill window box. If you cannot do that, another option to consider is to plant your garden on a balcony or near a window ledge rather than stick to an outdoor window box. via

    What color should your window boxes be?

    Your window box should be the trim color, sash-shutter color, or sometimes the accent color. Never paint your window box a new color that is not already on your house already for it will stand out as a separate feature not one that is part of and harmonizes with the rest of the house. via

    How do I choose a window box size?

    The length of the window areas should equal the lengths of the window boxes. For example, if the length of first window is 3 feet, the window box should ideally be 3 feet. If the length of the second window is 6 feet, the window box should ideally be 6 feet. via

    Why are terracotta pots bad?

    Yes, terracotta pots are safe and suitable for vegetable gardening but thoroughly sterilize the pots before planting. Since terracotta is porous, it tends to absorb harmful chemicals or moisture. This way, it can contaminate the soil and present food safety issues. via

    What month do you plant window boxes?

    Plant grasses in spring and enjoy them through summer and into fall, or add a few plugs or ornamental grasses in summer to transition a window box into fall. For this window box planting in London, designer Tor Cameron massed ornamental grasses to create a billowing, light-catching effect. via

    How do you plant a beautiful window box? (video)

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