How To Apply Ortho Bug B Gon Granules

How do you apply Ortho Bug B Gon Granules?

  • Use a designated spreader for applying granular materials. Evenly apply 1 to 2 lbs. over 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Apply 2 to 4 lbs. over 1,000 sq. ft. area for controlling mole cricket.
  • For season long (3 month) control, apply 4 lbs. of product for every 1,000 sq. ft. Re-apply after 3 months if necessary.
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    How do you use Bug B Gon Granules?

    Apply at first sight of insect activity or damage. You can also pre-emptively apply in the early spring to prevent infestation. Use a Scotts® spreader to apply granules, and then thoroughly water in the area after application. Allow the area to dry before children and pets re-enter. via

    Do you have to water in Bug B Gon?

    Uniformly apply 1 to 2 pounds over a 1,000 sq. ft. area of lawn using a spreader designed for the application of granular materials. For best results treated area should be thoroughly watered immediately after application. via

    How do you use Ortho B Gon?

  • Connect the garden hose to the sprayer on the Ortho® Weed B-gon™ Lawn Weed Killer Ready-To-Spray bottle.
  • Turn on the water.
  • Head to the furthest point in the yard from the faucet.
  • Slide the switch on the sprayer to "ON" to start spraying.
  • Spray evenly across the lawn until it is wet.
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    How long does it take for Bug B Gon to work?

    It will start killing the bugs immediately, so don't worry about any stragglers getting into your house. While you only need to re-apply the spray when necessary, Ortho recommends waiting at least 7 days between each application, as not to harm the environment in any way. via

    What is the best bug killer for yard?

    The Best Insect Killers to Leave Your Lawn Pest-Free

  • THE BEST LAWN SPRAY. Spectracide Triazicide Spray. This product can kill practically all the pests you could possibly find in your lawn.
  • A POWERFUL INSECT KILLER. Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer.
  • THE BEST LAWN GRANULES. Spectracide Triazicide Killer.
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    Is Bug-B-Gon harmful to pets?

    Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Lawns Granules are pet safe if used as directed. Pets should remain out of the area during application and while the product is being watered in. It is safe for them to return to the area once everything is dry. via

    Is Bug-B-Gon safe?

    Ortho Bug-B-Gon Max Concentrate is highly toxic to bees. Never use it when plants are blooming or when you notice bees in the area. It is also helpful to use it in early morning or evening, when bees aren't active. The insecticide is also highly toxic to aquatic organisms, including fish and crustaceans. via

    Is Bug-B-Gon safe for Wells?

    Answer: As long as it was storaged properly and is dry you should be all set. Question: Can this be used on or around an underground water well? via

    How do you mix Bug B Gon?

  • Mix 1.5 oz. (3 Tbs.) per gallon of water.
  • Tip: Wet leaves (including the undersides) and branches but not to the point where runoff will occur. If the foliage is dense, try to spray and penetrate the leaves.
  • Applying Around House Foundations, Porches, Patios, & Stored Lumber (excluding firewood)
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    How do I keep my yard bug free?

  • #1 Install Patio Fans.
  • #2 Don't Mulch Too Much (or Too Little)
  • #3 Get Rid of Standing Water.
  • #4 Keep Your Yard Trimmed, Mowed, and Tidy.
  • #5 Add Landscaping Plants That Bugs Hate.
  • #6 Paint Your Home Lighter Colors.
  • #7 Build a Bat House.
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    How often should you spray your lawn for bugs?

    Pest control spray is generally effective for a few months, so quarterly spraying should be frequent enough for most users, but we recommend spot treatments between quarterly services in the event that you encounter pests. via

    Is liquid or granular bug killer better?

    “For us, preemergent and broadleaf weed control is better achieved with a liquid formulation,” Doppel said. “Fungicides also will work better if they are applied as a liquid application. Insecticides can be applied successfully either in a liquid or granular form.” via

    How do I get rid of bugs in my yard at night?

  • Invest in a Ceiling Fan or Portable Fans.
  • Clean Your Gutters.
  • Strategically Place Citronella Candles.
  • Tuck Tea Bags Under Your Deck.
  • Plant Marigolds.
  • Make Fly-Repelling Sachets or Potpourri.
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    How do I get rid of bugs in my grass?

    Dissolve two tablespoons of dish washing detergent (lemony scents work best) in two gallons of water. Pour the solution over a square-yard area of lawn. Observe carefully. You may spot mole crickets, chinch bugs, cutworms or armyworms scrambling up from soil and grass to escape the suffocating soap. via

    Is bug B Gon safe for vegetable gardens?

    Ortho® Bug B Gon® ECO Insecticidal Soap Ready-to-Use is an effective way to end bug problems in the garden and on house plants. This spray can be used on a variety of plants from ornamentals to fruit trees, plus it can be applied to edible produce up to the day you harvest. via

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