How Many Guinea Fowl Per Acre

The number of Guinea Fowl you should get highly depends on their intended purpose: Pest control: Minimum 3 birds plus 3 more per acre Backyard pets: Minimum 3, but 6 will make a nice little flock Guard animals: Minimum 3 birds via

How many guineas should you have per acre?

For efficient pest control, you should keep a minimum of 3 guinea fowl in a smaller yard, increasing the number by three birds per acre. Consider keeping their house in the middle of your property as they will be more likely to cover the entire area evenly. via

How much space does a guinea fowl need?

If you confine your guineas (as you might wish to do for meat and/or egg production), it is important to provide the birds plenty of room (2 to 3 sq. ft. per guinea). The more room the guineas have, the less likely they are to become stressed. via

How many ticks do guinea hens eat a day?

Numbers repeated on the internet suggest guineas will eat 4,000 ticks or more in a day. via

Are guinea hens profitable?

Raising guinea fowls is no doubt profitable, which is why a lot of livestock farmers are now raising guinea fowls. via

Do guinea fowl keep snakes away?

Guinea Fowls and Snakes

Guinea fowl are great snake deterrent and do a great job of keeping the snake away, and the at the very least they will warn you that snakes are around. via

How much do guinea hens cost?

Generally, they will cost about $4 – $8 for the common colors like pearl, royal purple, and white guineas. There are much rarer breeds that have an exotic look, which can cost $20+ per keet as well, but these are not available commonly from farms and hatcheries. via

Are guineas aggressive?

Again the exception is if she has baby keets in her care she may attack anything that comes near them. Guinea fowl are the most aggressive to other flocks of Guinea fowl. In the wild they rarely live in flocks of more than 30 and I have found if you exceed this number then aggression is more likely. via

Can I keep Guinea fowl in a coop?

Can you keep Guinea fowl in a chicken coop? You can keep Guineas in a chicken coop but it need to be a bigger one than you would normally get as Guinea fowl need more space, both inside the coop and in the run. The Plastic and smaller chicken coops are not suitable for keeping Guinea fowl. via

Are guineas noisy?

Guineas are famous for their loud crowing, which you can hear on YouTube videos. It sounds like “buck-wheat buck-wheat,” making these birds as problematic to urban agriculture as any rooster. However, the African birds eggs coveted by backpackers because they're less prone to breakage than hens' eggs. via

How do you keep guinea fowl on your property?

  • Start Them Young. Guineas raised from keets are less likely to fly the coop.
  • Raise Keets with Chicks.
  • Let a Hen Raise the Keets.
  • Get Mature Guineas to Adopt Them.
  • Provide High Roosting Bars.
  • Temporarily Confine Them.
  • Cover the Run.
  • Clip Their Wings.
  • via

    What is poisonous to guinea fowl?

    Coccidiostats, such as coban, are toxic to guinea fowls. via

    Do Guineas lay eggs?

    Guineas mix well and can be raised with chickens. Often a broody chicken hen is the one to naturally incubate and care for new keets. Thirty or more eggs can be laid by a Guinea hen during her laying period. They do not lay eggs year round. via

    How long does it take for a guinea fowl to grow?

    Time to slaughter, how fast do Guinea fowl grow? Guineas are not quick growing birds and it varies slightly. Never before 12 weeks, 14 to 16 weeks for small, young and tender and 20 to 16 weeks for full grown carcasses. Anything older than 35 weeks will be like eating boot leather. via

    How do guinea fowl make money?

    Raise and Sell Guinea Fowl

    Guinea fowl are a great option for expanding the flock. They can be kept with chickens and earn their keep by acting as alarm bells and tick control. If you're looking to make money selling guinea fowl keets, consider investing in good breeding stock for multiple color variations. via

    Are Guineas white?

    Color description: The White Guinea Fowl is a solid pure white color in both genders. The feathers have no pearling or white spots. They have black hair feathers located on their lower necks and hackles. via

    Do guinea fowl make good pets?

    But beyond their looks these birds have a lot going for them, and with their unique personalities and skill sets they make excellent pets, and are a useful addition to any farm. Guinea fowl are hardy and low maintenance, and are adept at foraging for their food. via

    How do you keep guinea hens quiet?

    One way to make them relatively quiet is to hatch the keets and raise them amongst chickens. A guinea fowl's environment plays an important role in how noisy it becomes. If you can raise the keets and condition them before they become accustomed to noise, you can control the noise. via

    Do guineas keep predators away?

    Guinea fowl make an interesting and colorful addition to your flock and are very useful on the farm to alert and protect other animals from predators, he says. via

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