How Do I Make My Hydrangeas Blue

6 Tips for Growing the Most Beautiful Blue Hydrangea Blooms

  • Choose the Right Kind of Hydrangea. Only the flowers of bigleaf hydrangea ( Hydrangea macrophylla) can change color.
  • Choose Blue Varieties. Look for hydrangeas that are bred to be blue such as 'Nikko Blue', Endless Summer The Original, 'Penny Mac', 'Blauer Prinz', or Endless Summer Twist-n-Shout.
  • Measure the Soil pH.
  • Pick the Flower Hue You Want.
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    Do coffee grounds make hydrangeas blue?

    Coffee grounds add extra acidity to the soil around hydrangeas. Although coffee won't affect the vibrancy of the flowers — pale blue flowers will remain pale blue, for instance — coffee grounds let you play with the color to change pinker blossoms into various hues of blue, or maybe a shade of purple in between. via

    How do I make blue hydrangeas with vinegar?

    To increase the acidity of your garden's soil, use vinegar! For each gallon of water in your watering can, add one cup of white distilled vinegar and pour on your hydrangeas. The acidity of the vinegar will turn your pink hydrangeas blue or keep your blue blooms from turning pink. via

    How do I get my hydrangeas to bloom blue?

    To encourage blue hydrangea flowers, grow the plant in soil that has a pH of 5.2-5.5. If your soil is more alkaline, you can lower the pH by applying Soil Acidifier at the rate specified on the package. Soil pH can also be lowered (more gradually) by applying an acidic organic mulch, such as pine needles or pine bark. via

    What fertilizer makes hydrangeas blue?

    All hydrangeas benefit from fertilization. To produce or maintain blue flowers on a hydrangea bush, use a fertilizer that is low in phosphorus and high in potassium. This fertilizer may be labeled as an appropriate fertilizer for azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons. via

    Does Epsom salt turn hydrangeas blue?

    Epsom salt is already hydrated and does not pull water from nearby materials. When the ions of Epsom salt disassociate, they have a neutral effect on the pH of the soil. Since the blue color of a hydrangea is formed by aluminum made available in acid soil, adding Epsom salt would not make your flowers change color. via

    Why are my blue hydrangeas turning green?

    They're sepals, the part of the flower that protects the flower bud. Why do hydrangeas bloom green? Because that's the natural color of the sepals. As the sepals age, the pink, blue, or white pigments are overpowered by the green, so colored hydrangea blossoms often fade to green over time. via

    Do coffee grounds help hydrangeas?

    Some gardeners report success in turning their hydrangeas blue by applying coffee grounds to the soil. The coffee grounds make the soil more acidic, allowing the hydrangea to more easily absorb aluminum. via

    Will vinegar harm hydrangeas?

    No, not really. The vinegar will quickly dilute in the soil, especially if it rains or is irrigated, not making much of a pH difference. Plus, for your hydrangeas to change colors, they need a pH change sustained over a long time. However, the roots aren't harmed by the vinegar when applied directly to the soil. via

    Is Baking Soda Good for hydrangeas?

    Baking soda is the secret, but keep in mind that a little bit does go a long way. To apply it to your wilted hydrangeas, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda into 2 quarts of water. Stir to be sure the baking soda thoroughly dissolves. Note: This amount treats 3-4 hydrangea bushes. via

    Why did my blue hydrangea turn pink?

    If your soil is more alkaline, then your hydrangeas will be pink or pinker. If your soil is more acidic, pH around or less than 5.5, then your blue hydrangeas stay blue or bluer. If you know your soil is more on the alkaline side, you want to apply the garden sulfur or soil acidifier upon planting blue hydrangeas. via

    Will pennies turn hydrangeas blue?

    Hydrangeas planted with pennies may display colorful blooms, but those pennies can't take credit for the color. Hydrangea flowers change color based on aluminum absorbed from the soil up into bloom tissue. Formed from copper-plated zinc, today's pennies do not contain any metals that influence hydrangea bloom color. via

    What side of the house do you plant hydrangeas?

    These bushes do well in partial shade and can not tolerate either full sun or full shade. Hydrangeas also come in a climbing variety, H. anomala. This variety can be planted on a trellis on the north side of the home or be permitted to climb the side of a building. via

    Why are my blue hydrangeas turning purple?

    Generally speaking, acidic soil, with a pH lower than 6.0, yields blue or lavender-blue hydrangea blooms. With a pH between 6 and 7, the blooms turn purple or bluish-pink. To lower your pH, add garden sulfur or aluminum sulfate to your soil. via

    Does baking soda make hydrangeas blue?

    Will it Make my Hydrangeas Flowers Change Color? Baking soda is one of the recognised ways to change the color of hydrangeas. This is because baking soda is at the high end of the alkalinity scale. It will alter the pH level in the soil and therefore change the bloom color. via

    What is the best fertilizer for hydrangeas?

    A good all purpose 12-4-8 or 10-10-10 composition will provide all the fertilizing hydrangeas need. Either a chemical source or organic matter can be used successfully. Applying a once a year slow-release chemical formulated for shrubs and trees is the simplest solution to hydrangea care and feeding. via

    Is Epsom salt water good for hydrangeas?

    The short answer is yes it will – Epsom Salts is Magnesium sulfate and Sulfur is the mineral that we apply to the soil to lower the pH. You will also be applying Magnesium which should help enhance the color of your foliage since Magnesium is needed for chlorophyll production. via

    Are banana peels good for hydrangeas?

    Banana peels also make a great fertilizer for hydrangeas. Use the peels from two or three bananas per plant. Chop the peels into small pieces and bury them around the base of each plant. Using banana peels as a fertilizer for your hydrangeas will also help to repel aphids. via

    What happens if you don't prune your hydrangeas?

    Hydrangeas that bloom on old wood do not need pruning and are better off for it. If you leave them alone, they'll bloom more profusely the next season. Just remember new growth may come, but that new growth will be without blooms next season. via

    Do hydrangeas like full sun?

    Myth: Hydrangeas need full shade.

    Fact: All hydrangeas bloom and grow well in morning to midday sun if they have enough water. They thrive in dappled sunshine and afternoon shade. No hydrangea will do well in heavy shade, such as that found under big trees or in the shadow of your house. via

    How do you keep blue hydrangeas blue?

    Ericaceous Compost is ideal.

    So, to make sure your hydrangea stays really blue add Vitax Hydrangea Colourant, a powder containing aluminium that you can mix with the growing medium when you plant. You can also mix a little into the soil surface each spring and add it to the can when you water your plant. via

    Should you deadhead hydrangeas?

    You should deadhead throughout the blooming season to keep your hydrangeas looking their beast and encourage new flower growth. However, stop deadheading hydrangea shrubs in mid to late fall, leaving any spent blooms in place. via

    Can you overwater a hydrangea?

    Even though hydrangeas require more water than some other shrubs, they don't like to be over-watered. It is best to have moist soil and not wet soil. One reason hydrangeas get over-watered is when they wilt in the afternoon sun. Our gut reaction is to run out and douse the plant in water, but STOP! via

    Why didnt my hydrangea bloom this year?

    The primary reasons hydrangeas don't bloom are incorrect pruning, bud damage due to winter and/or early spring weather, location and too much fertilizer. Hydrangea varieties can be of the type that blooms on old wood, new wood or both. Nikko's produce blooms in the fall for next year. via

    How do I put coffee grounds on my hydrangea?

    Simply layering the coffee grounds on top of the soil is quicker but may result in an ugly pile of mold that looks messy and smells unpleasant. Alternately, dump your coffee grounds into your compost bin and add the compost as part of your twice-yearly fertilizing ritual for your hydrangeas. via

    How do you add vinegar to hydrangeas?

    Use vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 20 parts water to one part apple cider vinegar. Water the plants along their base. Try not to get the vinegar-and-water solution onto the leaves, because it can burn the foliage. via

    What do you spray on hydrangeas?

    Spraying with organic pesticides or insecticides like neem oil or other commercially available ready-to-use formulations can help prevent pest problems. Spraying your hydrangeas from time to time will keep pests at bay and/or reduce their numbers. via

    Can I turn a pink hydrangea blue?

    It is much easier to change a hydrangea from pink to blue than it is from blue to pink. Changing a hydrangea from pink to blue entails adding aluminum to the soil. Changing from blue to pink means subtracting aluminum from the soil or taking it out of reach of the hydrangea. via

    How do I make my hydrangea purple? (video)

    How do you bring back a dying hydrangea?

    Potted hydrangeas can die from root rot if there are no drainage holes in the base of the pot. Small pots can dry out too quickly and restrict root growth. To revive hydrangeas water them generously, apply a mulch of compost and protect hydrangeas from direct sun and too much wind. via

    Can you change the Colour of hydrangeas?

    Bigleaf hydrangeas can change color!

    This change is a response to the amount of aluminum in the soil that the plant can use. By changing the soil's pH, you can manipulate the color of a bigleaf hydrangea, but only if they were pink or blue to start with. White hydrangeas will always be white. via

    What does blue hydrangea mean?

    Hydrangea Symbolism & Colors

    Hydrangeas commonly come in shades of pink, blue, purple, and green. Pink hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotion. Blue hydrangeas symbolize frigidity and apology. White hydrangeas symbolize boasting or bragging. Purple hydrangeas symbolize a desire to deeply understand someone. via

    When should you prune hydrangeas?

    When to prune hydrangeas. Most pruning is carried out in late winter or early spring. However, the climbing hydrangea is pruned after flowering in summer. via

    What is the best way to care for hydrangeas?

    They need regular watering, particularly in late spring and through summer. Give hydrangeas growing in the ground a deep soaking once or twice a week. Plants in pots need daily watering and it's a good idea to have a saucer containing water under the pot. via

    Is Urine Good for hydrangeas?

    It's perfectly safe (and in fact it's used for purifying water) and it's cheap. If your hydrangea bush still looks like this you still have time to change the colour of your flowers. You just put a little soil in the container, add the pH testing powder, some water and give it a shake. via

    How do I make my hydrangeas blue with pennies? (video)

    Do hydrangeas like blood meal?

    Broadcast a slow-release fertilizer around the hydrangeas in early spring, using a complete fertilizer applied at a rate of about 2 pounds per 100-square-foot area. If you prefer organic fertilizer alternatives, you can use fish emulsion, blood and bone meal, or use a mixture of compost and manure as mulch. via

    What month is best to plant hydrangeas?

    Fall is the best season to plant hydrangeas, followed by early spring. The idea is to give the shrub plenty of time to establish a healthy root system before blooming. The best time of day to plant is early morning or late afternoon. The cooler parts of the day offer protection against heat stress. via

    Can you plant hydrangeas next to house?

    Well-suited for USDA hardiness zones 3 through 9, a hydrangea in front-of-house facades, along the front porch or as borders to flower beds brings a wealth of color from spring through fall in much of the country. via

    What is the hardiest hydrangea?

    Yet one type of hydrangea can soak up the sun all day: the panicle hydrangea. While they can stand the sun, these do just fine in partial shade, too. Plus, panicle hydrangeas are the hardiest hydrangeas. To learn more about hydrangeas visit our total guide to growing hydrangeas. via

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