Comfrey Plants How To Grow

Planting Comfrey Seeds

  • Direct Sowing Comfrey Seeds. It is possible to direct sow comfrey seeds, however, they may need up to two years to germinate.
  • Spacing. When planting comfrey outdoors, you’ll want to space them at least two feet apart in all directions to allow them enough space to grow.
  • Planting Comfrey Crowns.
  • Planting Comfrey in the Garden.
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    Is comfrey easy to grow?

    Symphytum spp.

    For this reason, one of my all time favorite herbs to keep in my garden is comfrey! It is also a long utilized herbal support for wound healing and treating other ailments. And it is extremely easy to grow – perhaps too easy, as it tends to spread if it's not well managed. via

    How do you plant comfrey?

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  • Any average, well drained soil.
  • Partial shade.
  • Extremely cold hardy perennials, comfrey plants become dormant in winter and re-emerge every spring.
  • Not generally needed.
  • Start seeds indoors or sow them where you want them to grow, or start with a purchased plant.
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    Is comfrey an annual or perennial?

    Symphytum officinale, commonly called comfrey, is a large, coarse, tuberous-rooted, clumping perennial (to 3' tall and 2.5' wide) that is primarily grown today as an ornamental for its attractive foliage and spring flowers. Large, pointed, hairy, ovate-lanceolate, dark green basal leaves grow to 8” long. via

    Can you grow comfrey in the shade?

    Comfrey can be grown in full sun or partial shade in most deep soils. Comfrey will grow without extra fertility, but to keep yields up year after year, top-dress with compost, spent mushroom compost or manure. via

    Why is comfrey illegal in the US?

    The pyrrolizidine alkaloids in comfrey can cause severe liver damage, liver cancer, mutagenicity, and even death. [8,9] For this reason, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned the sale of oral comfrey products in the United States. via

    Is comfrey an invasive plant?

    Between the self-seeding and root regrowth, comfrey can become invasive. Comfrey is a very fast growing plant. During the growing season it produces huge amounts of leaves. Mature comfrey plants can be harvested several times a year, as it will replenish itself very rapidly. via

    Is comfrey poisonous to dogs?

    The Merck Veterinary Manual lists comfrey as an especially risky herb because of its pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which have been linked to liver damage. The alkaloids are actually produced by the herb to fend off bugs, but the insecticide can be harmful to a dog. via

    Is comfrey a good companion plant?

    Comfrey is also a valued companion plant in the garden or orchard. Because of its large, deep root system, it works as a 'bio-accumulator' drawing nutrients up from the soil. Site requirements and cultivation: Native to moist soils, but will grow in sandy, dry soil as well, and will help to improve such poor soil. via

    Does comfrey come back every year?

    Extremely cold hardy perennials, comfrey plants become dormant in winter and re-emerge every spring. via

    Is comfrey really toxic?

    Comfrey has toxic substances that can cause severe liver damage and even death. You should never take comfrey by mouth. The toxic substances in comfrey can be absorbed by the skin. Even creams and ointments should be used for only a short time, and only under a doctor's supervision. via

    What can I do with comfrey leaves?

  • As a compost activator.
  • To improve compacted soil.
  • Steep comfrey leaves to make a liquid fertilizer.
  • Use comfrey leaves as green manure and mulch.
  • Medicinal topical remedies.
  • Use in creams and infused oils.
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    Where is the best place to plant comfrey?

    Comfrey Care

    Comfrey can grow in full sun to partial shade, meaning it needs at least three hours of direct sunlight on most days. In the warmer parts of its growing zones, plant it where it will get shade from the strong afternoon sun. via

    What can you plant near comfrey?

    Slugs and snails are attracted to comfrey so it makes a good sacrificial plant, grown amongst other susceptible plants. As a fertiliser for tomatoes and other potash loving fruiting vegetables comfrey tea produces great results. via

    Can you take cuttings from comfrey?

    Comfrey Crown & Root Offsets

    Take the top slice of the plant and split into pieces using your knife. Some pieces around the edge will just break off naturally. Because they already have a growing tip and root, these get away very quickly and put on new leaves. Once it is planted it is hard to get rid of! via

    Are comfrey leaves edible?

    Historically, some people have eaten comfrey leaves as a vegetable. Traditional healers have also used oral preparations of comfrey to treat stomach issues, such as ulcers, colitis, and diarrhea. You can also drink dried comfrey root and leaves as tea. via

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